Legal Advocacy

Enlighten’s legal advocacy goals focus on supporting and influencing legislation, and fighting for and distributing information related to fair housing for survivors.

We are committed to supporting fair housing legislation for survivors because they are not yet considered a protected class in terms of accessing housing. This means that landlords can deny them housing, mostly due to a trafficking victim’s prior criminal charges as a result of their trafficking situation.

This work to advocate for the legal rights of survivors of human trafficking is one of the most unique aspects of our organization.  Specific actions being taken by our team to combat this issue follow.

  •  The creation and distribution of informative resources to landlords in Columbus about the issue.
  • Speaking with local politicians and encouraging other young people to speak with their local politicians about the issue.
  • Writing petitions and generating support for these petitions through our access to large groups of students who support anti-human trafficking legislation.

Although there are existing legal groups that fight for the legal rights of survivors, there are not many organizations dedicated to advocacy and support of housing. There are even fewer organizations led by students, and we hope to influence other young people to be civically engaged and join us in our fight against human trafficking.