Enlighten’s outreach efforts are some of the most rewarding and challenging work we do. We are currently working with a number of local nonprofit organizations to give us access to and guidance about working with trafficking survivors.

When interacting with victims of human trafficking, there are certain challenges and risks involved. Many survivors have been abused and mistreated for many years, and some suffer from mental health and substance abuse problems. These issues affect our outreach efforts, but Enlighten’s priority when hosting events and outreach is safety. These risks are the reason it is important that we partner with existing organizations for major outreach efforts, because they are trained and knowledgeable about how to handle difficult situations involving survivors.

Enlighten is currently working on a project involving consistently working with victims of human trafficking. In the past, we have held a number of successful outreach programs, listed below.

  • Volunteering with a local nonprofit to serve meals to trafficking survivors.
  • Helping local anti-human trafficking nonprofit Freedom a la Cart with various survivor and donor events.
  • Hanging up 1,000 flyers in Columbus to educate about human trafficking before a large event in the city. Studies show that sex trafficking peaks around major events, so it is very important to educate and raise awareness during those times.
  • A street outreach program involving identifying trafficked persons in downtown Columbus and giving them both information and needed items such as clothing, food, or sanitary products.

Working directly with survivors of human trafficking is some of the most rewarding work you could ever do.  Join us at our next outreach event or volunteer for a local organization to start making a difference.